Julian Day 2456655

The start

of the late long, the         

new getting

consequent on 

barefoot minutes that, gotten,

could. Each week becomes

more palatable than

the last.



not. Moments might

contradict out,

mimicking the style of tons of things so mellow they

might jiggle over protruding distances to might become

a quarter-cup of century.


But skip over

this alternative. Come in, do

a full turn, & then

take into account

shaven misdirections we can all

live with. Have we not

the world rather than

just a practiced story? Have we not

the leading edge

of the hands? The

exact probability

of just about anything?


I remain, despite

outbursts of clammy post-war taboos,

yours, etc.

Gil McElroy Gil McElroy is a poet, artist, independent curator, and freelance art critic living in the village of Colborne, Ontario with his wife Heather.