After Ovid’s Elegy 9b

Even if they said from heaven—“Wanna be lucky? Cut the fuckin’!”—

     I’d deny that god. Girls are such sweet damnation…

And even when my drive’s dead and don’t feel like doing stuff,

     some twist in my base nature goads me once again.

The goddamn stiff itch is worse than any other virus,

     even worse than Melissa, that messy missy

from Miami who, (forget about protection!) once in your lap

     top, legs sprawled, will screw all anti-bugs, and tug

at your best contacts, giving you away… It’s like a bad weather

     flight about to touch down, which suddenly no-

sezzz up again squeezing that lightness out of your chest—

     that’s how these loving fits keep seizing me…

But come on, flood me, you unconscious energy,

     I’ve blown my mind’s self control out like a candle,

and, lo, your brazen photons are more at home here

     in my heart than in any other black hole!

What a sucker he who night after night, dusk to dawn,

     withdraws to his room, happy log sawing logs—

Hey limpy, what’s sleep but just a glimpse of frozen death?

     What, won’t you have time for a nap when time’s up…?

Does my girl just lead me on with all her double-talk—

     so what, there’s still hope she’ll make my day:

now my smooth talker, now giving me a hard time,

     tonight she grants asylum, tomorrow I’m extradited…

Oh, come down, libidinal vibe, after all it’s you the aggressiveness

     hormone, your foster power block, learns inconsistency from,

you matter-wave lighter than the interstellar wind,

     to and fro that brings joy, steals joy,

can you hear me? Come sit with the cosmic attraction that begot you

     comfortably in my heart, take your time on the throne,

and the roaming girls shall come in swarms to stand in line,

     we’ll all, out of need, worship you big time.


MARGENTO (Chris Tanasescu) is a Romanian poet, performer, academic, and translator who has performed and lectured in the US, SE Asia, Australia, and Europe.  His pen-name is also the name of his multimedia cross-art band that won a number of major international awards.  He is currently a visiting scholar at uOttawa, continuing his work on applications of computational graphs in poetry.

Photo: George Floarea