Man-flavoured Condoms

College jock UFC Construction worker - Italian, Portuguese, Irish, other Flesh (Joe Dallesandro) Trouble Boy-Next-Door (two doors down) Married guy (divorced) muslim turkish UPS delivery pizza cable New guy Doorman (assorted) EMS Butcher (local) Chorus boy Fruit grocer Line cook Camp counsellor Camboy Champ Pink izod YMCA lifeguard Pussy boy Vegan (no asparagus) RockStar (rock star’s light crew) ex Marine Commando Pilot (commercial, Cathay Pacific, Emirates preferred) Palestinian footballer Rafa After the game Sailor Smoker Mystery date Dancer’s belt Shepherd boots Daddy’s socks Gymnast’s pits Priest (seminarian) Countertenor Farm boy Stable boy Lawnboy Stock boy Bat boy Towel boy Grease monkey Rugby player Road worker FTM Off-duty [black] cop Brut High school wrestling coach (track, soccer, swimming… et al) Dirty Platform diver Adam Driver Scrubs Surfer dude s8r park Pierced Math teacher Geek Nerd Pothead Ex Day-old Floridian transient Banker Cheat 

Jeff Kirby

Jeff Kirby’s newest is She’s Having a Doris Day (knife fork book, 2017). Earlier chapbooks include Simple Enough, Cock & Soul, Bob’s boy, and The world is fucked and sometimes beautiful. Their work appears in numerous anthologies beginning with the letter Q, and most recently online at The Rusty Toque, Matrix Magazine and Bandcamp. Kirby is the owner/publisher of knife | fork | book. Jeff's poetry is published on 2018.