Martina StellaDigital drawing, A4, 2021

Martina Stella was born in Trieste in 1992. Graduated in Photography and Contemporary Art at the University of Paris 8, she currently works as an artist and audiovisual technician. She is specialized in video projection techniques: Video mapping as a symbolic form (Published in L'image au-delà de l'écran, Editions ISTE, 2019) was the subject of her master research.

Stella's work sees drawing interacting with other media: photography, projection or, through installation, with the exhibition space. The state of in-betweenness and the interdependent relationships between heterogeneous media play a fundamental role: her attention is drawn to what happens between the drawing and the medium, between the image and the environment. She reflects on images of the unspeakable and the inexpressible, affirming and claiming the impossibilities of language. In asemic writing, the abstract calligraphy that Stella practices, signs are illegible and yet charged with meaning: between writing and drawing, the limits of the image are linked to the limits of language. The written sign becomes the fundamental unit, an actual medium to question our relationship to time and space.

Stella lives and works between Italy and France. She has participated in many international exhibitions and festivals such as Scrivere disegnando at the CAC in Geneva, the biennale See Djerba (TU), Art Verona and Wopa Art Fair in Lugano represented by the Rizomi Gallery in Parma, Italy. She has also published an asemic poetry comics in the collective artwork and book Dorso Mondo (Squilibri Ed. January 2021). Martina's work appears in NationalPoetryMonth.ca.